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Agile Business, Not Just Agile Methods

One of the most common interactions I have as an advisor is on agile and digital transformation, usually when they have stalled or failed to deliver the desired outcomes.   

After thousands of hours of interactions, from the teams to the board, I have developed an approach that works alongside your agile coaches and agile framework consultants.

I start by banning the overused “C” world – culture. Instead, I help individuals and teams focus on specific, measurable behaviours, actions and outcomes using a method I have developed - Data-Driven Behaviours & Actions (DDBA).  

Critically I take a systems approach to these behaviours beyond what Scrum, DevOps or SAFe cover to help mitigate adoption risk and provide sustainable business agility.

You need more than a vanilla flavour of Agile and DevOps to gain and maintain business advantage – you need to maximise your dark matter if you are to avoid pseudo-agile.

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