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“How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live” – Henry David Thearou

Good research should be reasoned, logical and honest – it’s that last point that is sadly missing in a lot of research; biased analysis or marketing masquerading as research - I am sure you have read them all.    

As 100% independent, I am free to carry out commissioned research and analysis to answers client question without bias.

I especially enjoy researching those areas where there may not be a great deal of data. Where it takes experience and understanding to understand what is going on, this is where techniques such as systems dynamics come in with the occasional lateral jump of inspiration.

Ultimately the research has to be credible, defendable, and right.  I’m acutely aware that clients may be making big decisions on the analysis and research I provide,  so I have a responsibility to provide the best information to them possible.  

In the past, I have of undertaken research in areas such as transformation,  distributed governance,  innovation in regulatory environments,  alignment of strategy and operating models,  agile team dynamics etc.  

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